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 YouTube research documentary

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PostSubject: YouTube research documentary   Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:07 pm

Hi there. I am studying YouTube as a site of participatory media as part of one of my modules at University and I have been carrying out research relating to how YouTube is being used by its users and why it is being used in this way. Why people are using YouTube to create their own original content, and why they are so attracted to the site and if there is anything new going on with YouTube as opposed to 'traditional' media?

I would appreciated any responses in video form sent to my own YouTube account, under the username knorthern1989. That would be great as I could use these responses in my final documentary which I will be uploading to YouTube.

If not, then could you please send your responses through here or to my YouTube account, along with your YouTube username so that I can sample some of your videos in my documentary so that the audience can connect the written or verbal responses to its users own content.

I thank you in advance YouTube users.
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YouTube research documentary
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