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 Everett & Lucas Comedy Show

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PostSubject: Everett & Lucas Comedy Show   Sun May 09, 2010 9:44 am

The Everett & Lucas Comedy Show operated out of Calgary from late 1977 until sometime in 1982. Over that period of time we performed numerous live shows, made guest appearances on television shows, starred in many television & radio commercials and had our own half hour sketch comedy television show. We also did two seasons of fire safety episodes performing puppet manipulation and voice characterizations. However, the Everett & Lucas Comedy Show’s most significant achievement may have been the cross Canada tour in 1979. It wasn’t significant for the distance covered, or the phenomenal success rate, but it might be unique in the way it was done.
In 1979 there were very few comedy clubs in operation: Punch-lines, in Vancouver; Hobo’s, in Edmonton; Yuk, Yuks in Toronto and Andy & Flo’s in Ottawa – there may have been others, but undoubtedly they were few a far between. Unable to find a talent agent, or agency capable of providing steady work Everett & Lucas embarked on an (I believe) unprecedented adventure. We would work our way across Canada with nothing set up in advance. Simple; pull into a town, find an appropriate room and talk the owner into hiring us for that same night. Needless to say the most predominant response was no thanks, but we were persistent and in extreme cases offered a guarantee: “If we don’t fill your room tonight – you don’t pay us.” Every room was filled to the owner’s satisfaction and 20 times owners held us over for an additional night. This tour began at the Kitimat Hotel, in Kitimat, British Columbia on June 15; and ended at the Wheatland County Inn, in Strathmore, Alberta on November 14, having gone as far east as Ottawa, Ontario. Wow 30 different towns in 22 weeks – I didn’t realize that myself until I just now did the count. And, in case you didn’t think of it, this feat was accomplished with but a handful of hours to get the word out. I sincerely doubt any other comedy act has ever done this, not even during the days of vaudeville. For example: the next gig after Kitimat was at the Grandview Inn, in the farming community of South Hazelton, which consisted of: the hotel, a general store and a gas station. The owner of the Grandview Inn was also one of the rare immediately agreeable owners, but his interest was purely personal. We had piqued his curiosity to the point he was willing to pay our price so he could see our show, at least that’s what he told us, he also told us that in a farming community like theirs nobody ever goes out on a week night, and this was Tuesday, June 19. We drove to the nearest town with a radio station and put ads (which we paid for) on the most popular station. That night the pool table in the lounge had to be moved aside to make room for more seats. There were several other amazing events, including one where we swore we had crossed over into another dimension like in that old “Twilight Zone” television show. We've posted videos on YouTube to give everyone the opportunity to experience The Everett & Lucas Comedy Show, and keep checking because there's more to come.
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Everett & Lucas Comedy Show
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