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 Charlie and Celina! We hope you laugh until you pee!

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PostSubject: Charlie and Celina! We hope you laugh until you pee!   Fri May 21, 2010 5:32 pm

Hey everyone, we're Charlie and Celina, two friends with a camera an and awful lot of spare time! Just kidding!

About a month ago we began making videos on Youtube. They were found by some friends of ours and have really taken off locally, a ton of people around our area of little ol' Marysville, MI have really caught on to us. Our problem is we can't seem to extend farther. Our videos are loved by a literally massive variety of people, almost anyone that watches them thinks they're funny. (Each one is a little bit different time of comedy so if you don't like one that much you may think the others are friken hilarious! Don't write us off so quick. Very Happy )

The channel is at: www.youtube.com/charlieandcelina
Please spread the word and comment rate and subscribe. We swear, you won't be sorry if you watch a few different ones, don't just watch one, if you don't like the kind of comedy in one you could love another's.

Thank you so much. Also, if you really like us, you can join our facebook fanpage by simply going to facebook and searching "Charlie and Celina". The picture will be of Celina as a fat chick and myself, Charlie, as a little Korean woman! (From our Felly's tailor shop video!)

Thanks everyone! We hope you laugh until you pee!
(Say NO to drugs, Say YES to Charlie and Celina)
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Charlie and Celina! We hope you laugh until you pee!
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