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 new to youtube, i have some questions

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PostSubject: new to youtube, i have some questions   Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:15 pm

hi guys, i need some help on getting my youtube channel started and i have a few questions.....

1. how do you get your main video on your youtube channel to play as soon as someone views your channel?

i know most people have this enabled or at least when i view a video, the video on the channel starts automatcaly playing when i click on the channel.

2. i would like to deck my youtube channel up. i see on someones channel, they have up top the "facebook, twitter, dailybooth, there tshirt shop and there blog in logo design"


that's there lin link to get a better idea of what i am referring to. i would like to have mine in logos up top as well.

3. from the same site, I see that this person can be viewed on other sites as well like the ones i just mentioned above but has the url under Find me on these other websites too! I have looked on youtube to try to see if I could add this option so I could link my facebook, twiiter pages, etc. but I have had no luck.

4. also, how did she get this big yellow "Subscribe button" I know this can draw some subscribers but I also didn't see where youtube gave me this option as well.

5. how do you enable ads for your youtube videos? how does this work? do you get paid to advertise a 30 second commercial in your video? is like adsense?

6. i also see an ad on the far right of the page. how did she get this added to her page, i didn't see where youtube gave me this option as well.

any help is appreciated.

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new to youtube, i have some questions
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