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 Check me out sub me or friend me

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PostSubject: Check me out sub me or friend me   Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:38 pm

Hello fellow Youtubers I Am Here to tell you about my channel (SilverHands1) I Already have been on youtube with my channel for a year (as of october 13th) and a month or two lol! A I Am fellow Let's Player among those many Ex) Darkmindedsith Odinspack Griffinlobster afro grff deserves that smiley face Very Happy and NintendoCapriSun and one of my favorite Puerta Ricans Uzimachi1 back to explaining, I Have not been active for a few weeks do to some lack of recording software and a mic but i now have a new one my current lp's are on hold a lot of them im deleting and completly restarting My Sim's 2 Lp though i shall keep up becuase it is my most popular video and I am going to continue it with the family before they had everything they have like right after they are married (bring on the mattress Shocked) maybe even my Dragonfab...screw that.dat cames friggin rediculous anyway if your looking for some good vids and plain good ol' clean fun come check me out i try to keep my videos PG or PG-13
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PostSubject: Potential   Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:31 pm

You've got potential, but your videos don't seem to have much of a point. That's fine, but even videos that are designed to kill time have some kind of structure.
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Check me out sub me or friend me
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